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R-Zero is the first biosafety technology company that provides smart, sustainable disinfection to improve productivity, reduce sick days, and enable better health through clinically clean shared spaces. R-Zero’s UV disinfection ecosystem for air and surfaces harnesses the germicidal power of UV-C light to enhance existing HVAC systems, improve indoor air quality (IAQ), and augment disinfection protocols without requiring expensive upgrades or extensive chemical use. 

R-Zero’s UV-C light devices form the world’s first continuous, automated disinfection ecosystem for occupied and unoccupied spaces. This ecosystem can function in any indoor environment to mitigate risk across all primary vectors of transmission: air, surfaces, and person-to-person contact. R-Zero's holistic solution identifies risk and protects occupants in indoor spaces while delivering better outcomes for organizations and individuals to drive the future of indoor health. The R-Zero disinfection ecosystem enables safer indoor environments by:

  • Destroying 99.99% of pathogens (including coronavirus)
  • Eliminating harmful chemicals
  • Disinfecting spaces in minutes
  • Enabling an audit trail of all disinfection activity